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The UFCOM Office of Faculty Affairs & Professional Development supports UFCOM faculty scientists, educators, and clinicians to promote personal/professional well-being and job satisfaction. Recognizing that professional fulfillment is a lifelong journey, efforts are made to aid faculty across all stages of their career.

The Director of Wellness Programs is available to consult with Department Chairs, Division Chiefs, and other Program Directors to complete a needs assessment and recommend evidence-based strategies to improve wellness at the individual unit level. Some examples of college-wide initiatives implemented to support faculty are listed below:

Culture of Wellness


On-site Fitness for Faculty



Faculty Appreciation Reception       

Baby Gator On-site Day Care

Efficiency of Practice

  • Recent changes in the practice of clinical medicine (e.g., introduction of electronic medical record and increased billing/compliance requirements) have negatively impacted efficiency of practice for many providers. While efforts have been made to mitigate these issues, the UFCOM recognizes that much more work is needed. The Director of Wellness Programs is undertaking a needs assessment of UFCOM faculty to identify high-impact areas to focus on for improvement in this area.
  • Updates and revisions to the electronic medical record (EMR) are being implemented where possible to increase efficiency for providers.
  • Certain functions of the EMR were designed to facilitate charting, including: ability to create templates, use of smart-phrases, access to Dragon dictation software, home access to the EMR, and a cell-phone app to improve accessibility.
  • Opportunity to meet with the Epic Optimization Team to obtain specific feedback on improving personal efficiency of EMR use.
  • Access to EPIC UserWeb with practical tips and tricks to improve efficiency and effectiveness of EMR use, based on clinical setting: https://sts.jax.ufl.edu/adfs/ls/?wa=wsignin1.0&wtrealm=http%3a%2f%2fsignin.epic.com%2fadfs%2fservices%2ftrust&wctx=dc1f517d-61e5-4137-9966-15e837f4cb50&wct=2018-10-11T15%3a16%3a27Z
  • SPOK messaging software allows cell phone-based paging and messaging that is HIPAA compliant so that faculty need not carry an additional pager.
  • The UF Health Science Center Library offers “house calls” in which they visit faculty in their own offices to provide librarian assistance for scholarly work: http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/house_calls
  • The UF Health Science Center librarians offer free literature searches conducted by librarians to assist faculty with literature reviews for grants, articles, or other scholarly endeavors: https://library.health.ufl.edu/help/literature-search/
  • Extensive Interlibrary Loan Services are available to help faculty access hard-to-locate references for their scholarly work: https://accesssupport.uflib.ufl.edu/ill/
  • The Clinical & Translational Science Institute offers a number of workshops, webinars, and free services to assist faculty in designing studies, preparing grants, recruiting participants, conducting statistical analysis, and other aspects of the research process: https://www.ctsi.ufl.edu/research/
  • The MyIRB system streamlines the process of research approval through the UF IRBs, with all aspects of the review process completed online to minimize the amount of time, effort, and paperwork needed to receive approval: http://irb.ufl.edu/myirb/myirb.html
  • Special Writing Workshops are available to help faculty with tactics for planning, writing, and revising their research to produce polished, clear, and highly efficient prose.: https://writing.ufl.edu/students/writing-workshops/
  • The Public Speaking Lab offers assistance to faculty seeking to develop effective speaking skills. The speech lab is a free service and provides an opportunity for individuals to brush up on this critical communication skill: https://cwoc.ufl.edu/programs/public-speaking-lab/about-the-public-speaking-lab/
  • Faculty with classroom teaching roles may benefit from programs and resources offered by the Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence, which is dedicated to keeping faculty, staff, and teaching assistants connected and informed. They offer a number of workshops and events to support educators at UF: http://teach.ufl.edu/events-and-workshops/
  • Videoconferencing software is available in several locations to allow faculty in off-site clinical settings to attend/participate in Grand Rounds and other presentations/meetings remotely.
  • Faculty Development Seminars are archived online to allow all faculty to benefit from the information presented: https://facultyaffairs.med.ufl.edu/faculty-resources/online-resources-for-bootcamp/
  • A new faculty orientation process helps new hires transition to their new role and responsibilities, and provides an overview of the services and resources available for faculty at UFCOM.
  • The UF Research Administration Portal (RAP): https://raportal.research.ufl.edu was developed to help Principal Investigators and research staff find resources to assist with the entire research project lifecycle, from identifying funding to closing the award. This “one-stop shop” was designed to simplify the administrative process, leaving more time to devote to the science.
  • Faculty can record course videos or professional work on their own time in the UFIT On-Demand Studio, which offers a quick, easy, and FREE alternative to filming lectures, trainings, or presentations.
  • The UF Libraries sponsor open-access APCs for some publishers and discounts on others. To learn more, go to: https://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/openaccess/ufinvestsor email OpenAccess@uflib.ufl.edu

Personal Resilience