Institutional/Employee Relations Resources







Medical Student Ombuds The Ombuds is: accessible, working with all members of the university community. Independent reporting directly to the Provost and through the Provost to the President.
Unbiased, considering the rights and interests of all parties involved, searching for fair solutions.
Med Students no
Office of the Ombuds The purpose of the Ombuds office is to assist students, staff, and faculty in resolving problems and conflicts that arise in the course of interacting with the University of Florida. By considering problems in an unbiased way, the Ombuds works to help students and staff find solutions to university related problems and concerns. Students; Faculty;


no 352-392-1308
Resident Ombuds The Staff Ombuds is a private, impartial, informal, and independent resource that provides informal conflict resolution and problem-solving services to University of Florida staff House staff no
UFCOM Faculty Ombuds The Office of the Ombuds for Faculty provides a confidential environment in which faculty can receive informal, impartial and independent assistance for conflict resolution. Faculty no


Title IX Coordinator Monitoring, supervising and overseeing all compliance related to Title IX, which protects individuals from discrimination based on gender (includes sexual harassment) by UF employees, students, visitors, or contractors. Students; House staff; Faculty; Staff no
Title IX Office to Prevent Sex Discrimination/Sexual Harassment: Office to address any concerns of sexual discrimination or harassment within UF. Students; House staff; Faculty; Staff no
EAP Provides a wide range of services, including individual employee evaluation and referral, consultation services for supervisors, workshops, training sessions and support groups. Faculty; Staff no 352-392-5787
Emergency Management The University of Florida Department of Emergency Management (UFDEM) is tasked with creating a culture of emergency preparedness and response across the University. UFDEM is responsible for coordinating a comprehensive, all-hazards approach through the five identified mission areas identified in the National Preparedness Goal – prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery. Faculty; Staff no 352-273-2100
UF HR Services: Employee Relations Performance appraisals, workers’ comp, employee inquiry/complaints, management-directed inquiries, disciplinary processes, union contracts, etc. Faculty; Staff no

* Regarding fees:  no= free services available; ($)= discounted services available; $=services require a fee (insurance may be accepted)