Windows to Wellness: Spiritual Wellness GatorCare resources for spiritual wellness Varies ($) http://gatorcare.org/wellness/windows-to-wellness/spiritual-wellness/
Mindful Relaxation Minutes Meditation session held from 12:15-12:45 every Thursday in several locations across campus or via call-in. Archived sessions available online. Students; House staff; Faculty; Staff no https://facultyaffairs.med.ufl.edu/2016/08/15/mindful-relaxation-minutes-weekly-sessions/
HSC Meditation on Wednesdays Meditation session held from 12:15-12:45 every Wednesday in HSCL C2-33. Introductory training by an experienced instructor every other week from 12-12:15pm. All library visitors no https://library.health.ufl.edu/2017/10/03/weekly-meditation-series/
Wilmot Gardens Students, residents, faculty, and staff are encouraged to visit the gardens as a place of respite walking between UF Health facilities, taking a break for lunch, or before/after work. All no https://wilmotgardens.med.ufl.edu/visit/
Online Guided Meditation Exercises Guided meditation programs offered free online through UF Health Integrative Medicine All no https://ufhealth.org/integrative-medicine/meditation-exercises


Intro to Wellness Presentations Wellness presentations for residency programs and departments, scheduled upon request House staff; Faculty no http://gatorcare.org/wellness/wellness-opportunities/
Integrative Medicine Wellness Classes Free wellness classes include: Meditation for Beginners, Quigong for Wellbeing, Gentle Yoga for Health All no https://artsinmedicine.ufhealth.org/programs/integrative-therapies/wellness-classes/
Yoga Classes on Campus Free yoga class for all UF and UF Health employees (with free parking) UF/UF Health Employees no https://ufh-gatorcare.sites.medinfo.ufl.edu/files/2016/03/Ustler-Free_Weekly_Yoga_F.pdf


UF Mindfulness Info on upcoming events, opportunities to practice, online resources, etc to create a more mindful UF campus All no https://mindfulness.ufl.edu/
Mindfulness/ Meditation Trainings & Retreats List of upcoming trainings, courses, and retreats in mindfulness/meditation offered through the UF Mindfulness community. All Varies https://mindfulness.ufl.edu/index.php/training/


PRIMe (Promoting Resilience in Medicine) Discovery Track Optional 1-credit course in Mind-Body Medicine offered for first-year medical students during the spring semester, with option to complete full “track.” Med Students no https://discovery.education.med.ufl.edu/research-track/discovery-tracks/promoting-resilience-in-medicine-prime/
UF Integrative Medicine Program designed to treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit. The healthcare team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and well-being in all aspects of life. Varies $ https://ufhealth.org/integrative-medicine/about-us
Medical Acupuncture The UF Health Integrative Medicine Program offers Medical Acupuncture at the UF Health Integrative Medicine – Executive Health location. All $ https://ufhealth.org/integrative-medicine/medical-acupuncture
CWC Biofeedback Lab The CWC’s Biofeedback Lab is our “relaxation room” where you can find six biofeedback stations, a state of the art reclining massage chair, and numerous relaxation items for you to use in the room or in the first floor waiting area. UF Students no https://counseling.ufl.edu/resources/mbc/biofeedback/
CWC Workshops Workshops are no-commitment opportunities to learn and practice different coping skills and wellness habits aimed towards improving the mental health of college students UF Students no https://counseling.ufl.edu/services/gw/workshops/
CWC Massage Chair Use of the massage chair is limited to 20 min per person. If there is no waitlist for the chair you may use it for longer. UF Students no https://counseling.ufl.edu/resources/mbc/biofeedback/
UF RecSports Massage Therapy Massage therapy services offered through UF RecSports, with discounted rates for RecSports members All ($) http://recsports.ufl.edu/fitness/massage-therapy
Florida School of Massage Discounted massages performed by students of the School of Massage All ($) http://floridaschoolofmassage.com/student-clinic/#
HSC Library “Energy Pods” (for napping) On the 2nd floor of the HSC Library, featuring specially composed sleep music and a gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations. Library visitors no https://library.health.ufl.edu/2017/06/30/relax-in-our-energy-pods/
Mindfulness Online Resources Useful links compiled by UF Mindfulness related to meditation: podcasts, reading, and mindful groups. All no https://mindfulness.ufl.edu/index.php/useful-links/
Headspace Meditation App. All $ https://www.headspace.com/
Insight Timer Meditation App. All no https://insighttimer.com/
Breathing Space with Dr. Carol Lewis Guided breathing and mindfulness practices led by Dr. Carol Lewis. All no https://psychiatry.ufl.edu/breathing-space/
Mindful Self Compassion Self-compassion meditations by Christopher Germer, PhD All no https://chrisgermer.com/meditations/
Self-Compassion Self-compassion exercises and mindfulness practices by Kristin Neff, PhD: All no http://self-compassion.org/
Free Mindfulness Many mindfulness exercises from the UK’s Free Mindfulness Project: All no http://www.freemindfulness.org/download
Calm Website and phone app for meditation All no www.calm.com
Stop, Breathe, & Think Meditation website and phone app All no http://app.stopbreathethink.org/

* Regarding fees:  no= free services available; ($)= discounted services available; $=services require a fee (insurance may be accepted)