Presentations and TED Talks





UF/UF Health Wellness Presentations Presentations on Work Life balance
Ted Talk: How to gain control of your free time Ted talk on tracking time
Ted Talk: Are you a giver or a taker? Ted talk on occupational wellness
Ted Talk: Suicide prevention Ted talk on suicide prevention tactics
Ted Talk: Why we all need to practice emotional first aid Ted talk on emotional wellness
Ted talk: 10 ways to have a better conversation Ted talk on social and/or occupational wellness
Ted Talk: The price of shame Ted talk on social wellness
Ted talk: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime Ted talk on mental wellness
Ted Talk: How to get naked in front of your doctor Ted talk on physician-patient interactions
Ted Talk: The surprising science of happiness Ted talk on emotional wellness
Ted talk: the new era of positive psychology Ted talk on emotional wellness
Depression: the secret we share Ted talk on mental wellness
Ted Talk: A doctor’s touch Ted talk on patient-physician interactions
Establishing Clinician Well Being as a Nation Video from meeting discussing physician well being
What the Medical Profession is Doing (and needs to do more of) to Enhance Physician Well-being Webinar on burn out by Dr. Christine Sinsky
PBS: Burnout Epidemic PBS special on the epidemic of physician burnout
Stanford Health Improvement Program Webinars Webinars on wellness